I'm Mike O'Hara.  I guess you could say I'm a man of many hats.  I've always lived what I consider a "Punk Rock Life".  No, that doesn't mean I played loud, aggressive music...although, I did that too. No, living "Punk Rock" has more to do with how you carry yourself than a style of dress or music.  In the documentary film "If I Should Fall From Grace With God: Shane MacGowan", one of the MacGowan's early managers put it as well as I'd ever heard.  He said punk meant, "If you thought you could make it, then get out there and do it."  So I've tried my hand at anything that I was passionate about.  I was the class clown that actually decided to see if I could make a life running my mouth and putting on a show!  I genuinely love the worlds of Sports, Politics, Music, Acting and the "Pub Culture" that can bring them all together.  I've never considered myself one thing or another, but rather a kind of a "utility player".  Getting to play the grand game of life from different positions on the field is the best way I know how.  Lucky for me I was always backed up by great friends and a supportive, Irish Catholic family that taught me, "Never let anyone tell you you can't do something."  Am I famous?  Nah, I'm still that utility player...but I love to play, no matter when they pencil my name in the lineup.


New York, NY, USA

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