Madam Secretary CBS

CSI New York CBS

Parks & Recreation NBC

Monk USA

Law & Order SVU NBC

Punk'd MTV

The REAL Wedding Crashers NBC

Run of the House The CW

Short Circuits with Nick Cannon MTV

Invasion Iowa Spike TV

Frank TV TBS

Jo Koy Show Comedy Central

In the Cut with Affion Crockett FOX

Cedric The Entertainer Presents FOX

The Wolf of Wall Street

The Drop


Growing up most of the guys I knew wanted to be anyone from Donnie Mattingly to Patrick Ewing. I wanted to be Bill Murray...with Donnie's swing, of course.  So after I graduated from Syracuse University with my Political Science degree I moved to Los Angeles to begin my career in show business.  I trained at The Second City and IO West in Improvisation, and performed stand-up at The Laugh Factory, Improv and Comedy Store.  Over the years I've been lucky enough to land work in television, film and theatre.  Some of my credits include: MTV's Punk'd, Monk, CSI:New York, Law & Order SVU, Madam Secretary as well as The Drop and The Wolf of Wall Street (but don't blink on that one). 

Now, working in New York is very different than it was in LA.  Being a New Yorker I find it easier to hop the subway as opposed to sitting in traffic on the 101 or 10 freeways.  Like baseball, acting is a crazy road of streaks and slumps, but I wouldn't change it for the world. 

Oh by the way, I once got to sit and talk to Bill Murray. I'd still like to be him.  Thanks for the encouragement, Mr. Murray.


New York, NY, USA

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