Politics my way

Being involved in the entertainment field, it's  assumed that I'm going to have left-leaning political views. I don't.  I believe that the United States of America was founded by people of different backgrounds looking to find common ground.  I'm a PROUD moderate.  No, that doesn't mean I'm wishy-washy or lack backbone.  I am firmly anchored in my beliefs, but I am always trying to see the shoes someone else is walking in.  I love having friends with very different opinions.  It's the life blood of our country.  If we are all on the left side of this ship the boat tips over.  If we all stand on the right ship of the ship, we end up in the drink as well.  If we find ways to meet in the middle, the boat sails on.

I love and hate the political landscape of this country.  We should disagree and table every topic.  Where we lose our way in my opinion is allowing a political class to keep us fighting.  We need to put down the social media and find the "Pub Culture" again.  Speaking face to face.  Extending one another the respect we all deserve as Americans.

In the recent past I was given the opportunity to get involved in political punditry. It is something I've always wanted to do and was grateful for the chance.  There is a way to use that platform in a positive way.  I hope to find more ways to get involved in the near future, and welcome more political conversations with people from all walks of life. 


New York, NY, USA

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