What an experience. I met Ryan Howard for crying out loud.

Mike O'Hara offends Phillies Slugger Ryan Howard at the MLB Fan Cave


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David Ortiz Hugs New York


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I'm an admitted Sports Junkie.  My whole life I've been a die-hard New York Sports fan, but I'll pretty much watch any game, match, race or round that finds it's way on to my TV.  It all started with a trip to the old Yankee Stadium with my Dad.  For whatever reason the building just felt like home to me, even at 4 years old.  The Yankees were almost mythical heroes in my mind.  I would sit with my father and learn about the game, all the while keeping a close eye on #44 and to see if 'the Goose' was up and throwing in the bullpen.  There was nothing like it.  Playing sports became part of my life the way the holidays did.  There was a season for everything I loved.  I idolized Joe Montana and tried to throw just like him.  Larry Bird, Patrick Ewing and Charles Barkley posters decorated my room.  At 10 years old at the Hartford Civic Center, I got to go on the ice during intermission of a hockey game and shot the puck for a trip to Hawaii. I barely got past the blue line and came away with a sweatshirt.  However, it's been Yankee Baseball that has really been like family to me and mine.

In 2011, while touring the U.S. with The Mighty Regis, I was hired to work as a host for a Major League Baseball project called the MLB Fan Cave.  It was dubbed the "Dream Job".  I didn't find it that way, but it did afford me the chance to meet some of the game's biggest stars and legends.  The experience was one that I don't often speak about, but I hold so many great memories of the days I spent trying to make the Fan Cave home.

One of the greatest opportunities that came out of working for Major League Baseball was writing about the game and interacting with fans on social media.  I became a daily reader of one blog in particular.  Bleeding Yankee Blue was a daily click during my time on 4th & Broadway.  I took a huge stab in the dark and sent the site's creator an email asking if I might contribute.  To my great surprise I received a quick response and a hell of a nice welcome to the BYB Family.  I became a contributor and got to write about the Yankee Universe.  It has been one of the most enjoyable jobs I've ever had.  The other writers for the site are outstanding folks.  The creator, Robert Casey, has truly mastered a way of bringing the readers news, entertainment and heart that goes beyond baseball.  Bleeding Yankee Blue has given me such a great outlet to experience real sports writing.  Writing that brings the human spirit to the forefront, which is really the heart of the American Pastime.  Do I call myself a "Sports Writer"?  No.  But I do get to work with some great ones, and sites like BYB are where sports fans now go to read about sports more so than anywhere else.

February 11, 2015

Sports Writer

In 2012, I reached out to Robert Casey over at Bleeding Yankee Blue for a gig.  Never in my widest dreams did I ever think that I would be a top writer for such a sophisticated group of readers. Not to mention the BYB writers are top notch. Here is some of my work.

October 26, 2017

In 2007 I was given a great birthday gift by my then girlfriend/ now wife.  She got me two tickets to see the New York Giants play the New England Patriots at the old Giants Stadium.  It was cold as hell that night, but the electricity in the building kept the Big Blue Faithful warm.  The Football Giants took it on the chin that night by a small 3 point margin.  The amazing thing about the game was that EVERY New York Fan left the Meadowlands that night happy and truly excited.  I spoke to a handful of perfect strangers as we slogged out of the stadium.  We were in agreement.  That game brought the Giants to the next level....  (Click the title for the full story)

August 3, 2016

I am INSANELY tough on Yankees’ GM Brian Cashman. When he came through the ranks of the organization some called him the “Kid Genius”. I saw him as a kid all right…a rich kid who lived off his Uncle Stick’s moves and Uncle George’s money. Cashman wasn’t a genius as far as I could see. He was a good little solider and did what he was told. Go along to get along. A true “Company Man”…like Michael Kay. Sorry, I had to toss that one in. My opinion....

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